It's absolutely necessary for Black/Brown folks to be aware of what's happening. We got issues to talk about. There are plenty of news sources, books, and blogs that specialize in talking about one specific issue. But, let's be real, we're busy. We don't have time to go collect valuable information.  We also forget that all of the issues we care about are connected.  Learn About The Issues



We have people that know the issues. Black & Brown women are working in relevant fields every day.  Though we may not be considered traditional “intellectuals” our knowledge is valuable. Individually we think about many of the issues affecting our communities but rarely do we join forces to make sense of how everything is connected. Meet The Team



Collectively UNBOSSED is a Digital learning platform where Black & Brown Millennials gather to exchange knowledge, experiences, & opinions on issues that impact our community & matter to us.  CU is a space where our ideas & knowledge are shared and valued & a quick access point to LEARN about issues matter. We are learning from each other. Connect With CU



We don’t pretend to have solutions to all of the issues. But we do know that the first step is understanding what the problem is . Our hope is that anyone who joins us on the CU platform will leave the site with some knowledge that they can use to take action in a way that is meaningful for them. Take Action